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AGORA plus workshop – Security in compliance with GDPR

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This month we were happy to participate in the AGORA plus workshop.

Along with Runecast Analyzer, during the workshop were presented the latest technologies from leading Storage vendors like Dell EMC and Fujitsu, and also the new Windows Server 2016 and practical experience with its deployment. AGORA plus and the vendors spoke about solutions how to effectively face ransomware and DDoS attacks, how to optimise and secure VMware and how to prevent data leaks. All this in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU regulation.

Our CEO Stanimir Markov was presenting a topic named Secured VMware environment. "It was a pleasure to showcase Runecast Analyzer and to announce the new 1.5 release. The discussions with the participants afterwards were extremely valuable. IT Security is of increasing importance these days and this is reflected in the GDPR regulation. Organizations are concerned about keeping a high level of security and compliance and the operational overhead that goes with it. Runecast helps them get a peace of mind with the automated vSphere Security Health Checks based on the VMware security hardening guidelines," said Stanimir.

AGORA plus is a very important Czech partner of ours and we are delighted that our cooperation has lasted since the very beginning of Runecast. We are looking forward to the next of these great workshops!

Stanimir Markov Presenting Runecast

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