Runecast Analyzer Technology Platforms, Use Cases, Verticals

What you see here is a result of us listening to our customers and evolving Runecast Analyzer into a 'must-have' solution for your IT environment.

A graphic showing the different platforms that run with Runecast Analyzer. VMWare, Azure, Kubernetes and AWS.

Technology Platforms

See everything in one place and maintain control of your data. Running securely in your environment, Runecast Analyzer automates best practice audits and security compliance checks for your IT infrastructure, providing actionable insights into what is happening in the cloud, across clouds and on-premises. No sensitive company, employee, or customer data needs to leave your control. Additionally, the Configuration Vault helps you end configuration drift, and you can auto-generate custom remediation scripts to patch vulnerabilities before they lead to bigger problems.

Runecast Analyzer covers:

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