Learn how to Upgrade to the Latest VMware vSphere 7

In this article:

With the official vSphere 7 announcement on March 10 (and any other upcoming), you might be thinking of upgrades to your vSphere environments. Join this webinar with vSphere expert Kev Johnson where he will walk you through the planning and successful execution of vSphere in your SDDCs, and see how Runecast Analyzer can facilitate the process for you.

In the session, you’ll find answers on:

  • Why upgrade?
  • Why upgrade planning is so important?
  • Will my hardware be supported?
  • What if my hardware can’t upgrade to the latest version of vSphere?
  • Is my environment configured correctly?
  • Interoperability - both VMware and 3rd party- What is the upgrade process?
  • What to keep in mind during the upgrade? Security compliance, best practices and more.

Who is Kev Johnson?
Systems Engineer at Runecast, 5-time vExpert, VCP-DCV, VCP-CMA, VCP-NV, VCIX-DCV. Kev is helping customers to simplify the management of their VMware and AWS environments. He is a constant tinkerer, likes to play with new tech and break it (then figure out how to put it back together again).

So definitely someone who is worth listening to!

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About the Author | Kev Johnson

Kev is a time-served sysadmin, technology consultant, and 5-time vExpert. Prior to joining Runecast as Systems Engineer, he was the Technical Marketing Architect for vSphere Lifecycle at VMware. Outside of work, his passions are Scottish football, cheese, craft beers, travel, and spicy foods. You can find Kev at his blog and also as a co-host on the OpenTechCast podcast. Find him on Twitter @kev_johnson.